Queen's Jubilee Collection


Queen's Jubilee Planner Paper Clip, Magnet, Brooch Pin

2022 marks the Queen's 70th year as reigning UK Monarch; this fun collection of Planner Paper Clips, Magnets or Brooch Pins makes the perfect memorabilia and novelty book markers for any planner, agenda, diary or organizer. 

They also make great souvenirs to mark such a special event and a memento of the Queen's majestic long reign.
Give them as cute party favors and small gifts.

Designs include: God save the Queen disk, Queen's 70th Jubilee Crown disk, Jubilee Flag Crown, Union Jack heart and of course a lovable Corgi shield.

Each Design varies from approximately 2" to 2.25". Made with glitter vinyl or wool blend felt depending on the design; mounted onto a gold finish steel paper clip, Black ceramic magnet or wearable Brooch Pin. 
Available individually or as a Collection set of 5.

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth II. 
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