Kawaii Hamburger, French fries with ketchup Plushies.


Kawaii Hamburger and French Fries with Ketchup Plushies

Adorable Felt Kawaii Hamburger and Fries set with 28 detachable pieces!
This pretend play food is not only perfect for keeping your little ones entertained for hours, but also makes it a wonderful gift idea for nephews, nieces, Birthday gifts and any grown up with a kid's heart.
Extra pieces are also available so you can stack your burger and make it as tall as you want!
Want extra Fries and Ketchup? we've got you covered!
Available individually or as a set.
Watch our video to see what is in!

Choose your favorite set or extra items.

Your BURGER set includes:
*This Kawaii Beef Burger comes with "the WORKS" with 19 pieces, measures (stacked) approx 5"tall by 4.5" wide.
1 Top Bun
1 Bottom Bun
1 Beef Patty
1 Cheese Slice
1 Onion Slice
1 Lettuce Leaf
1 Tomato Slice
1 Mayonaise squirt
1 Mustard squirt
1 Ketchup squirt
2 Bacon Slices
3 Pickles
4 Mushrooms

Your FRIES set includes:
*Kawaii Box of Fries measures approx"tall 4.5" by 3" wide and includes 9 pieces:
1 Fries box holder
6 Fries
2 Ketchup sachets

Extra Fries, ketchup sachets or any filler are also available.
Stitch and carefully trimmed to make each item as real as possible

As with all children's products, adult supervision is required.
Not suitable for children under 3 year old. 

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