Kawaii Foodie collection


Kawaii Foodie Planner Paper Clip or Magnet Collection 

This Kawaii Foodie Cutie Collection of Planner Paper Clips , Magnets or Brooch Back Pins has 9 unique designs; Choose your favorites! Or the Full Collection.

Each Feltie varies from approximately 1.5" to 2", are made with either double layers of wool blend felt or Vinyl and  mounted onto a secure gold finish Paper Clip, ceramic Magnet or wearable Brooch Pin.
Great as cute gifts to embellish and organize planners, journals, books, notebooks, agendas and diaries.
The Collection has 9 Kawaii Designs to choose from: Pickle, Lemon, Strawberry, Banana, Bread slice White, Bread Slice Brown, Ice-Cream, Chili Pepper Green and Chili Pepper Red.

Perfect as Fun party favors and small Unique gifts for family and friends.
Ships same Day!

Many more designs in store.

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