I love Bunnies Collection


I love Bunnies Paper Clip, Magnet, Brooch Pin

This adorable "I love Bunnies" Collection of Planner Paper Clips, Magnets or Brooch Pins will add cuteness to your Planner, Magnetic Surfaces and Apparel. 

9 cute designs available as Paper Clips, Magnets or wearable Brooch Pins.  Pure fun individually, or as a set.

Packed ready for gift giving.

Ships same day!

  • Design Collection: I Love Bunnies
  • Color: White, Pink
  • Machine embroidered
  • Material: Glitter Vinyl or Wool blend felt depending on the design
  • Design size: Approximately 1.75″-2″ depending on the design
  • Available as Paper Clip, Magnet or wearable Brooch Pin
  • Handmade

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