Bunny-licious Collection


Bunny-Licious Paper Clip, Magnet, Brooch Pin Collection

This adorable "Bunny-licious" Collection of Planner Paper Clips, Magnets or Brooch Pins will add cuteness to your Planner, Magnetic Surfaces and Apparel. 

9 cute designs available as Paper Clips, Magnets or wearable Brooch Pins.  Pure fun individually, or as a set.

Packed ready for gift giving.

Ships same day!

  • Design Collection: Bunny-Licisious
  • Color: White, Pink, Blue
  • Machine embroidered
  • Material: Glitter Vinyl or Wool blend felt depending on the design
  • Design size: Approximately 1.75″-2″ depending on the design
  • Available as Paper Clip, Magnet or wearable Brooch Pin
  • Handmade

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