Glitter Paper Mache Letters LOVE | Stand Alone 8 Inch


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Glittered LOVE Stand Alone Paper Mache Letters
Letter Size: 8" high, 5" wide, 1 deep
Color: Red & Black

Glittered LOVE Stand Alone 8 Inch Paper Mache Letters perfect for this Valentines Day or as a photo prop, bedroom or Party decor; Weddings or just to add a touch of glam to your home

Letters are are 8" high, 5" wide and 1" deep.

Layered with thick coats of Fine glitter; sealed with several coats of special sealant to minimize glitter loss when handled, however please note that some loss can still occur.
Packed individually 

Product Detail:
Hand made, with Paper Mache, Chunky and Fine Glitter, sealer

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