Bunny Peep Felties Set of 3. Felt Spring Bunnies | Easter Bunny felt embellishments for crafts, bows, cards, or party favor gifting.


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Cute Spring Running Bunny Felties 

Qty: Set of 3

 These adorable Bunny Peep FELTIES are perfect for creating in all your Spring crafts, bow making, cards and more.
This set includes 3 cute wood felt Bunnies in gorgeous Spring colors to make all your projects stand out.

Choose from Blue, Pink, Yellow, or Mixed.
Bunnies measure approximately 2 inches. 

Make planner paperclips or glue them to toothpicks for adding a Spring feel and detail to cupcakes or party favors. 
The possibilities are endless.

Each Bunny has a cute bow and rosy hand painted cheeks added cuteness!

Product detail:

Hand made with double layers of wool felt.
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