Felt Bunny Peep Felties


Cute Bunny Peep Felties 

 These adorable Bunny Peep FELTIES are perfect for creating in all your Spring crafts, bow making, cards and more.
This set includes 3 cute wood felt Bunnies in gorgeous Spring colors to make all your projects stand out.

Choose from Blue, Pink, Yellow, or Mixed.
Bunnies measure approximately 2 inches. 

Make planner paperclips or glue them to toothpicks for adding a Spring feel and detail to cupcakes or party favors. 
The possibilities are endless.

Each Bunny has a cute bow and rosy hand painted cheeks added cuteness!

What are Felties?

Felties are small embroidered embellishments or appliqués made with Felt or can be combined with other materials like Vinyl or Fabric. They are made in many colors and styles and are perfect for adding a fun touch to all your craft projects. 

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