Birthday Cake Linen mini Bags.


Birthday Cake Girl Linen Bag

Get the party started and be ready to Eat Cake with these adorable Birthday Cake decorated Linen Drawstring favor bags.

Perfect for adding detail to your gifts, Birthday or Anniversary party favors and many other occasions or events mementos.

Bags are 3x5" and come in a set of 4 or can be purchased individually. Made with a linen blend and natural jute drawstrings, detailed with an embroidered Glitter Vinyl Cake with Candles.

This bag size is ideal for jewelry, bath salts candy, gift cards, makeup or any other small objects.

Border above the drawstring is approx. 3/4”.

Linen Blend: 50% Linen, 40% Polyester, 10% Cotton.

Material Weight: 0.18

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