Cute Felt Mini Monster Plush dolls. Set of 3


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3 Cute Mini Monster doll Plushies 

Qty: 3 - Size: 1 - 2.5 inches 

The most loved by Children Party Favor!

These Mini Monsters are wide awake and ready to chase those bad dreams away! They are tiny enough to fit in a child's hand and pockets making them the perfect pocket pals. They make a wonderful companion for your child's first day back at school or the dreaded visit to the dentist.

They are made out of felt, so they are soft and cuddly; hand crafted and detailed with care.

Each monster is made special and no two are exactly alike. 

Perfect for the monster in your life, party favors or small gifts. 
They also make the perfect tiny companion, and good luck charm. 

More colors in store

Product detail
Hand stitched, made with soft Felt and polyester fiber fill.
Unique facial expressions.  
No suitable for children under 3 years old


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