20 Fun Mixed FELTIES Destash


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20 Mixed FELTIES 

Fabulous set of 20, selected at random FELTIES, cut and ready to ship, perfect for using on your crafting, bow making, party decorating and gifts.This set includes 20 Felties, that we will select at random from our stock overflow.  Felties are made with high quality wool blend felt and/or Vinyl. 

Size varies from 1.75" to 2.25" depending on the design.

No duplicates guaranteed!

Many more designs not shown. No custom requests please. 

Ships Same Day! See more of our handmade Felties in our store.

 What are Felties?

Felties are small embroidered embellishments or appliqués made with Felt or can be combined with other materials like Vinyl or Fabric. They are made in many colors and styles and are perfect for adding a fun touch to all your craft projects.
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